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Top 3 Metals to Sell to Scrapyards

Each year the scrap metal industry recycles millions of tons of metal that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Recycling metal not only plays an important role in the American economy, but it also benefits the environment. Metal recycling reduces waste and lowers pollution from greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide. Instead of throwing away metal products, you can earn money by selling your metal to a scrapyard. 

If you're considering collecting scrap metal to sell, or just want to get rid of some metal products you have laying around, check out the top metals to sell to a scrapyard.
Aluminum is one of the most recycled metals in the United States. Cans are by far the most recycled type of aluminum. If you plan on recycling aluminum cans, you should prepare them by crushing or flattening the cans first.
Prices for aluminum cans vary, so it helps to contact scrapyards directly and request quotes. The typical price for scrap aluminum cans is between 19 and 30 cents per pound.

Aluminum is also used in other everyday household items, such as appliances. Car radiators are commonly made of aluminum as well. If you plan on scrapping car parts, have a mechanic remove them first. Aluminum radiators can fetch up to 15 cents per pound on average.

You can also recycle aluminum wiring, which is found in a wide variety of products, including air conditioners. If the wire you plan on recycling is insulated, take the time to strip the wire to maximize your payout. Clean aluminum wire pays more pound than insulated wire.
Steel is the most recycled material and is used extensively throughout the manufacturing industry. Because steel has such a wide variety of applications, you can find it nearly everywhere.

Most steel is composed of iron and carbon and is found in over 3,500 grades. It's molded and welded into everything from counter tops and appliances to pipes and automobile frames.

If you plan on scrapping steel, you should become familiar with the four primary types of steel: carbon, alloy, stainless, and tool. The most common type of steel the average person is familiar with is stainless. If you have old stainless steel appliances that no longer function, consider selling them to a scrapyard.

Steel pricing is relatively stable and pays well. You could get up to 75 cents a pound for stainless steel, which is significantly more than other metals.
Along with steel and aluminum, copper is used extensively in manufacturing. It's extremely valuable to electrical wiring as it's a better conductor than other types of metals. The electrical systems of many homes and businesses use copper wiring. As with other wires, you'll want to strip them if they're insulated.
Copper is also a common component of plumbing in the tubing used to supply water. Most homes in the United States have copper plumbing since it's a long-lasting material that requires little maintenance.
If you plan to remodel a kitchen or bathroom, you can collect the old copper tubes and fittings and sell them to a scrapyard instead of tossing them out. Other household items like pots may contain copper, as well as old kitchen sinks and even home decor.
Scrapyards pay more for copper than many other metals because it requires much more energy to produce copper from ore than it does to recycle it. Depending on the quality of the copper, you could get $2 or more per pound. 
Metal recycling preserves natural resources by putting material back into circulation. If you have metal to sell, contact Dominion Metal Recycling Centers, Inc., for current quotes.



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